QBEKA Fast Slim,Professional Naturual Flower Formulation
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QBEKA Fast Slim Cream

Three Tyes Of QBEKA Slimming Cream

Effectively eliminating abdominal obesity, Stretch marks, skin sagging, especially for obesity and overweight.

Massaging Slimming Cream

Main ingredients: peppermint extract, transdermal absorption factor, gold foil, hyaluronic acid, glycerine, water-borne castor oil, grapefruit, black pepper, fennel, tarragon.

At first clean the part which needs losing weight and then paste in order to have uniform application of each site, respectively, 30 minutes massage, each with about 60 mg once every two days, no need to wash after massaging.


Slimming Massaging Cream for Legs and Hands

Have the functions of losing weight and tightening skin.

Main ingredients: Vitamin E, tea tree, mugwort oil, wheat germ oil, glycerin, simple lipid, emodin.

Using method: Firstly using the wet towel to wipe the thigh and arm, then using 3-5g of the Slimming massaging cream for legs and hands to massage about 3-5 minutes until it is absorbed.

QBEKA Slimming Massaging Cream for Abdomen

Main ingredients: Grapefruit, lemon-grass, Juniper Berry, Jojoba oil, emodin, glycerin.

Note: massage cream for external use, the local sense of a slight fever is normal performance, this is because due to fat burning by drugs, can disappear after a few hours, pregnant women are forbidden.

Shelf-life: 36 months

Slimming fast suggestions:

1. Firstly, the different slimming cream has different applicable parts. Please follow the product description to the correct use. Do not use their own for other parts.

2. Moreover, suggest using in the bath or after bathing. Because the body temperature is higher and blood circulation is fast. Thus, it can help the skin to absorb the product.

3.Before applying, kneading with your fingers to relax the muscles firstly. Then, the absorption effect is better.

4. Regular skin exfoliation of the skin can avoid the impact of old waste horny absorption effect.