Botulinum Toxin Essence Regenerates Cell Regeneration 100% Vegneotox
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Takes 7 days to reduce wrinkles by over 20%

Botulinum Toxin Essence Serum

Good anti aging serum effect :
Thanks to the use of update micro-particle technology, this extract can be absorbed by the skin easily. It takes 7 days to reduce wrinkles by over 20%.
Then, can quickly effectively smooths the between the eyebrows, eyes, face tail and neck of wrinkles, and prevent wrinkles. Obvious compact aging slack skin, make the cell regeneration improve aging skin.
Finally, helps enhance skin’s elasticity, suppleness, and compactness. Leaves skin glowing and wrinkle-free.

Suitable skin: suitable for any skin, especially many wrinkles aging skin.

Usage method:
After cleaning skin in the morning and evening, apply some essence liquid gently spread on your face (apply to the whole face). Then, pat and massage until it is absorbed. Moreover, when using several kinds of liquid, waiting for one completely absorb and then use another one. Finally, use more a layer of moisturizing cream if the weather is dry.

The collocation plan for the use of Botulinum Toxin Essence Serum:

1. Dark spots + chloasma + sunburn + freckles + wrinkles → leaf duo + botulinum
2. Relaxation and no elasticity + wrinkles + crow's feet under the eyes → placenta + botulinum
3. Oily acne acne + wrinkles → azelaic acid + botulinum
4. Wrinkles + dry fine lines → botulinum+ collagen
5. Eye bags crow's feet + sensitive and fragile + wrinkles + sensitive and fragile → botulinum +liquorice
6. Wrinkles + dry dehydration → botulinum + hyaluronic acid
7. Wrinkles + dark yellow gas → botulinum+ L-VC

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