Q.Can i take a facility tour?
A. Absolutely. Facility tours are always available by appointment.
Q.How do i get my private lable design made ?
A.We offer in-house graphic label design for the products you order from us. Rates for graphic design vary by project. Please consult your sales person for details.
Q.How long will it take for my product to be completed once i place my order?
A.The short answer is if we have everything in stock, including your product labels, we hold the standard of a 4 week turnaround time. We stock over 600 raw ingredients and a wide variety of packaging so that is usually no issue to complete any order in that amount of time
Q.What is the process of creating a private lable product?
A.This depends on whether you would like to use one of our existing product formulas or create your own custom formula. If using an existing product. You will simply choose product, container type (bottle, tub, etc.) and supply or have us design your labels. If creating a custom formula, first there is formulation. We can assist you with that or you can provide your formula already intact. From that point we will make suggestions on how to best flavor, package, etc. We have an in-house graphics team that can take you through the label design process and bring your concept to life. If you have your own designer, we work with you to make sure they have everything they need to get the labels done and over to the printer of your choice.
Q.Do you have minimum order quantity or MOQ'S?
A. Yes. Our minimum quantity order for a custom formula is 1000. We offer low minimums for you to minimize the investment required and allow you time develop an entire line. This is much more cost effective than having to order 10,000 unit minimums when you’re trying to initially get a brand off of the ground.
Q.Are you insured?
A. Yes we are insured and offer the ability to become additionally insured for those we produce products for. You hedge your bets that way and cover all of the bases.
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