Collagen Protein Whitening Anti-wrinkle Anti-aging Silk Face Sheet
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QBEKA Collagen  Anti-aging Silk face sheet



Collagen facial sheet,Natural skin care face sheet,face sheet



collagen, small molecules water, polyethylene glycol-400, glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, hyaluronic acid, corn essence, soybean essence, wheat essence, rice essence, ionized water, Diazolidinyl Urea, hydrogenated castor oil.


Product efficacy

collagen helps against the dryness of skin, it can penetrate deeply into the skin and moisturize skin for 24hours, locking moisture to make skin look tender and smooth.


Product details 

Natural biology essence absorbed by sunshine and water to exchange into a large number of trace elements, essence, cellulose, and amino acid. The collagen extracted from biology essence helps to repair skin, the essence can be absorbed easily by skin to whiten and improve sensitive skin, making skin look whitening & smooth & tender.


How to use

Take out the facial mask and spread it on the face, the better effect for frequent use. Use immediately after opening the package. Use your fingertips to press facial mask gently and evenly to the entire face area. keep using 20-30 minutes and making effective ingredients to be absorbed by the skin.

After use on face, it can continue to be used on neck skin for 10 minutes, making tender and young neck skin.



Collagen facial sheet,Natural skin care face sheet,face sheet



 Collagen facial sheet,Natural skin care face sheet,face sheet






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