OEM | How To Design Your Cosmetics ?
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 How To Design Your Cosmetics 

With the development of the cosmetics industry, the needs of OEM customers in the cosmetics industry have become more extensive and more powerful. OEMs have production capacity, cheap labor, reduce production costs, avoid unnecessary capital investment, and can improve production efficiency. Wide attention.

What Is OEM Cosmetic Product? / What Is An OEM Logo?

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Step 1

Trademark --- You must have your own trademark registered.

Step 2

Plan --- Make out which product you want to start first.  Set up a plan, including selling channel, order quantity, target price, retail price, etc.

Step 3

Supplier --- Search manufacturers and select the reliable one.

Step 4

Sample --- Negotiation about the process of production, shipment, etc. You can request a sample to test the product quality.

Step 5

Production --- When you get the satisfied sample, then go on with the manufacturer for ordering and production.

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