What Are Cosmetics OEM Workflow and What Are Our Advantages?
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Professional Service Supply

Professional take on OEM / OBM / ODM processing and production, cosmetic brand cultivation experts.

Our Advantage:

One Package Service: Research » Planning » Design » Manufacturing » Service

Manufacturing Advantages:
1.RIch cooperation experience.
2.Possess a strong and stable supply, many years of cooperation in large-volume purchases, and strong cost advantage.
3.Strong quality, long-term cooperation with authorized and high reliability raw material suppliers in the country. Smooth process to ensure delivery time.

4.From planning, design, research and development, production,full service custom-made own brand for you.

5. Specializing in the production of food grade products safety brand.
6. Scientific research technology: gather formulas from well-known international brands and best-selling brands around the world to create extraordinary quality.
7. Innovative advantages: customize different efficacy in different formula.

8.Low minimum order quantity.


Before Brand Development: market analysis, selling point set, cost and quality control
Product Development: style positioning, packaging , logo design, formula customization
After Brand Development: market entry marketing plan, industry talent information analysis, customer resource information sharing, promotion of resource information sharing, the final sales situation and help promote sales

Achievement of the Brand: to ensure that the brand has a leading market share, is unique, has strong inherent innovation, and has a high return on investment.

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Our Processing Background

Guangzhou Boss Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade company specializing in export business.
The philosophy of Guangzhou Boss Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is health and environmental protection. It focuses on cosmetics, health products and bioengineered products, and is an innovative and prosperous enterprise.

We are an export-oriented company. Since 2005, our products have a good sales performance in Europe, the United States, Central America, Australia and other countries, and sales in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions are rising. Our products are distributed all over the world.

We focus on exploring and training various talents, pursuing innovation, and creating wealth with wisdom and love.

en English Guangzhou Boss Biological Technique Ltd.

Manufacturing Categories

Skin care, cosmeceuticals, essential oils, original liquid, functional skin care, traditional Chinese medicine care, hair care, etc.

Manufacturing range: facial mask, skin care products, cosmetics, functional essential oils, hair care products, soaps , etc.

Appropriate Channels:

Professional lines, wholesale, direct sales lines, chain systems, beauty salons, etc.

Special Advantages:

Complete features, numerous patents, complete trademarks, GMPC pharmaceutical grade standard workshops, etc.

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