Three Efficient And Sscientific Way To Create Your Eyelash To New Cm Length
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Bio-enzyme Eyelash Growth Technology

A Real “Magic Eye Beauty”

It can let you have thick and long eyelashes that grow naturally and charmingly. You just need to spend some time in the morning and evening to have it.

Uses the Bio-enzyme eyelash growth technology developed by France “HAPPY” Pharmaceutical Company; the “EPM” in bio-enzyme constitutes of 10 amino acids, and is a part of protein to form human tissue. It can be used to manufacture hair cells and the form organizations, activate dormant secondary follicle germinal organization, make the hair follicle in the resting phase to recover its division growth back to the developmental stage and promote rapid growth of eyelashes-eyebrows.

QBEKA Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Using organic, no additives, no hormones, pure natural, pure plant formula, make your thicker, longer and warped, and the length is not affected by metabolism.

Main Ingredient: enzyme “EPM”, distilled liquid, hair follicle growth factor.

Usage: After clean every morning and evening, painted the eyelash(eyebrow)serum in the eyelash(eyebrow)roots. Then, to feel wet you can, close your eyes 2 minutes to fully absorb, if drop into the eyes, don’t worry, it has no side-effect.

Effect: Used after 7 days, the Eyelashes (Eyebrows) gradually become dense black. After 10 to 15 days, the Eyelashes (Eyebrows) become darker, more dense, longer and bend. Moreover, the length of the metabolism is not influenced.

3D Eyelash Growth Technique:After 3-6months, the length of eyelash will increase 3-6mm, and maintain a long、dense and curve eyelash for a long time.

NO1  Eyelash Activating

NO2  Eyelash Growth Serum

NO3  Eyelash Nourishing Liquid



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